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One on One Energy Clearing

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Service Description

Welcome to our 3-hour one-on-one energy clearing session that combines powerful modalities to help you transform and elevate your energy. This session is designed to help you release stagnant energy, connect with your inner self, and activate your body's natural healing abilities. Our session includes written testing of blocked or closed chakras, a suggestibility test for receptivity, pre virtual consultation calling person chakra pendulum test, breath work, tuning fork chakra clearing, inner child somatic healing, and a full sound healing immersion, one week of integrative guidance, and a post coaching call. During our virtual consultation call, we'll work together to identify areas of your life where you're feeling stuck or blocked. We'll explore your goals, challenges, and desires, and create a personalized plan for your energy clearing journey. Breathwork is a powerful tool that helps you access deep levels of relaxation and release tension from your body. Through guided breathing exercises, you'll be able to connect with your breath and clear away any energetic blockages. Tuning fork chakra clearing is a gentle and non-invasive way to balance and align your energy centers. We'll use tuning forks to stimulate the chakras and help you release any stuck energy that's been holding you back. Inner child somatic healing is a powerful modality that helps you connect with your inner child and release any unresolved emotions that may be trapped in your body. By tapping into your inner child, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and release old patterns that are no longer serving you. Finally, we'll end the session with a full sound healing immersion. This immersive experience uses various instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, and drums to create a healing sound wave that envelops your body, mind, and spirit. This will help you release any remaining energetic blocks and leave you feeling grounded, centered, and refreshed. Overall, our 3-hour one-on-one energy clearing session is a transformative experience that will help you release stagnant energy, connect with your inner self, and activate your body's natural healing abilities. Following the session you will receive a Integration ebook personalized with exercise and self care tips to help you integrate any emotions or feelings that may arise after your session followed and concluded with a 30 minute virtual coaching call. Included: Sage Smuding Included: Aromatherapy Neck Massage

Cancellation Policy

Clients can cancel at least 72 hours in advance. If payment was paid in full and the day and time was marked off of the booking calendar no refund is given. Please contact Diamond King directly to reschedule your service 4045488277. You have 48 hours to reschedule.

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