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Sound Healing Certification
Sound Healing Certification
Diamond King Playing sound bowls in Orange Beach Alabama
YogaMu Certification Breathwork


Diamond King

Sound Healing Certification
Sound Healing Certification

I specialize in using the Mind, the Breathe, Sound, Movement and Art to help my clients shift their frequency to manifest and design the reality they desire. 

My yoga journey began when I was 17 years old. Immediately, at a young age I was able to recognize the importance of movement when it came to living a healthy lifestyle. I received my 200 Hr Yoga Certification in Hawaii from Peak Beings in 2016. I went on to teach vinyasa, yin, hatha, prenatal, & kids yoga for individuals as well group sessions for Fit Club Fitness and Elite Fitness. 

I  became certified in Hypnotherapy in 2016 with Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute.  I studied under and was mentored by Dr. Laura Larain. Assisting and helping clients with Sleep, Stress, Anxiety, Smoking Cessation, Positive Thinking, Career Motivation & Alcoholism. 

In addition to Yoga and Hypnotherapy, I have continuing education certifications in Breathwork/Ancient Pranayama and Meditation from Loka Yoga School and YogaMu. 

I started my Sound Healing Journey in 2012 when I had my first Sound Bath experience. From that moment, I knew that sound was the gateway to elevating my consciousness and  balancing my vibrations. I was called to pursue sound later after that and I received  Sound Bowl and Tuning fork training in 2019 from President of the International Sound Therapy Association, Don Simmons. Later on, I received my Sound Bowl & Tuning Fork Certification from Life Changing Energy. 

My specialty is Crystal Bowl Sound Baths, where I add tribal, angelic and vocal tones to assist me in offering a relaxing, vibratory reset. I've played group, private and virtual events for various venues, companies and private parties. 

My brand is me, not just because of the modalities are held by me, and taught by me and facilitated by me. But every modality I offer, is a modality I have used on myself. 

I specifically tailor yoga sessions, hypnotherapy sessions, meditation and breathwork sessions to each individual, because each individual has their own experiences, trauma, anatomy & and ancestral release. 

I love showing my clients that everything they need to succeed and shift lies within and I do that by not just offering my knowledge and expertise in the holistic wellness field but I do that by being authentic and real. We have enough brands selling rainbow and butterflies. What I offer is organic and genuine! 

One's spiritual practice can not be perfect if you are not whole or Whole-y and a part of being whole is the bad, the gritty, the shit we don't want to look at and the shadow work. 

My Meditation Coaching is centered around not just teaching my clients the structures of awareness and stillness but its also centered around recognizing thought forms that block you from growing as well thought forms that were created from trauma that keep you from connecting with your higher self and inner peace. And sometimes, in order to do that you have to pull out the pain, face it, learn from it so that you can move on from it. 

If it aligns with you, you will choose me to help assist you on your journey to yourself. 

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