How to Shift your Frequency with Social Media ?

We live in an era where we constantly deal with sensory overload. It has become a part of our day to day life and it is damn near impossible to unplug. Now even though I agree with the doctrine of disconnecting and being more mindful of how much screen time you have, I also believe that at the end of the day we have the power to control what kind of content we take in and how we take in that content.

After studying hypnotherapy I started to become very aware of just how sensitive I was to certain things I took into my mind. I was consistently ingesting radio, tv, movies, & news into my subconscious mind. And I noticed common themes between them all. And Imma keep one hundred with you ! It didn't always feel good. I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, angry and like running away from the world I lived in. At first, I didn't notice anything with social media until the share button became a thing. That damn share button. Can't live with it! Can't live without it! Sometimes family and friends were sharing amazing things and other times they were sharing the same damn stories that I was trying to avoid watching on the news. Once I started to see that type of energy shift online it caused me to be very mindful about what I was sharing and how I was sharing it, because at the end of the day we are energetic beings that are effected by one another rather we like it or not. While we may be trying to share useful information sometimes we are just recylcling fear based doctrines to keep us enslaved and vibrationg at a low frequency.

Over the past few years I have taken breaks from social media platforms when appropriate but I have also adopted a habit of taking advantage of all the positive resources social media has to offer. So below is a list of how I changed my frequency with different social media platforms. If you don't see your favorite platform it is because I haven't explored frequency shifting with that particular platform, yet or I didn't experience any shifts when I used it.


This platform is the jam when it comes to finding bomb ass affirmations to post on your IG story or to just write down in your journal. One of the things I started to do in the morning instead of scrolling aimlessly was control what it was I was scrolling. I would search positive affirmations on Pinterest, and bam now I'm reading posts that are basically just telling me how awesome I am and how great my day is gonna be. Could it get any better than that!


Plus, there's so many profiles that deliver reality changing affirmations.

I am aware that most platforms have pictures so you can do this with any platform but pulling pictures from Pinterest to do vision boards or vision books just makes me smile and feel like I'm winning in life. Definitely, hit Pinterest up when you're about to work on your vision board.

2. Facebook

I know what you are thinking. How the hell does Facebook help you shift your frequency, lol? But hear me out this is more so teaching you where and how to direct your attention. There's polarity in everything in our existence. Anything that can be used for bad intent can also be used for good intent. So, I'll admit I barely just scroll my regular feed on Facebook, but I have joined like-minded Facebook groups and I usually will scroll the feeds of my Facebook groups. So, I would say trying to join groups that are centered around activities that you like to do or goals that you like to meet. For example, before I locked my hair, I joined a random Facebook group for people who have locs. And can say that this group gave me so much inspiration and excitement for my future loc journey. Right now, I currently am apart of about 20 groups and they are centered around health, wellness, entrepreneurship and mindset goals. By doing this I am controlling the narrative as well as controlling my frequency by what I choose to ingest from Facebook.