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This oil is AHHHHMAZING!! It only takes a few drops and vavoom! My husband said "mmmmm what is that?!?! I love it!" So now I make sure to wear it just about every night! The soft floral scent is perfect, this stuff works.

Jennifer Morrill

I was first introduced to Diamond at my gym and immediately fell in love not only with her classes but with her spirit. I have also had the opportunity to work with her one on one and loved the whole experience. Got to get another session soon.


So I tonight after thoroughly cleaning my home. I cleansed it using sage and incense. I also cleansed my children and used a few drops of Primordial Happiness to rub my children down from their crown of their heads to the bottom of their feet. I also used her aura spray after all of that and sprayed every corner of my home and my beds. The point is you need this. Stop playing with yourself. Shop therealdiamondking

Tiffany Harris

Working with Diamond  eased my mind and gave me a lot of courage and motivation when it came to practicing yoga. At first I was scared that maybe I'd hurt myself, but she helped me become more comfortable with poses and myself. She helped me understand my body a little more and also that yoga is for anyone and everyone so as long as that person "honors their body"!

Iana Phillpott

The holiday season is sometimes the most stressful time of year. When Diamond told me she was offering a healing huddle going into the new year, I jumped at the opportunity. And let me tell you it has been transformative. I felt as though I had been going through a shift in my life recently and through this, I was able to gain confidence in myself. I was able to let go of this invisible weight I had been holding on to. The yoga session opened me up to receive these beautiful affirmations that are spoke through the guided meditation and sound bath. I've actually been using those exact affirmations daily. to sum it up the healing huddle was absolutely transformative for me. Diamond has always been able to create a welcoming environment, that helps you really get the most out of your session with her

Tearra Wilson

Diamond, your product is Great! The essence and relaxing atmosphere Primordial Goddess Massage oil creates to help me connect with my clients is phenomenal! 

Thanks for an amazing organic product that I can use on practically any skin type! 

Jamal LMT

The mediation session I had really did me good. The next day was so different like I was a new person. Thank You Queen

Danny Owner of Golden Touch & Accessories

Diamondddd!!!! Your primordial oils are so glorious! I love them. I have placed them in my baths and definitely will use as a massage oil. They feel so good on my skin and my hair! It makes my hair so soft!!!!

Evanye Lawson

I'm in my early thirties and haven't been able to touch the middle of my shins for about 5 years. I spent 4 years in the Marines during which time I damaged  my body with multi story drops on my spine, concussions, hernias and numerous other non-documented injuries. But I was always awful about stretching and I have not been doing yoga with Diamond for a month and I am already starting to move better than I have for the past year. In one month  I am able to undo a years worth of tightness. It's not fun and its not easy but it is something necessary and she really helps make it a challenge I can tackle.  The pain caused from stretching is not a pain I'm used to and subjecting myself to it on my own without the knowledge of it I'm doing the techniques properly was always a big fear of mine. But under her guidance and supervision I'm able to improve my body to the point where I'm hoping after a couple more months to be able to return to running and hopefully exercising again. I am too young for my body to freeze up and Diamond is ensuring that that doesn't happen.

Tim Harben

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